About the Artist

Kelly’s intricately crafted ceramics can be found in 30 galleries in 15 states, as well as in corporate and university collections. Small, delicate and abstract, her art objects reference biological entities throughout the natural world—whether clinging to rocks in a tidal pool, swimming beneath the viewfinder of a microscope, or intertwined on a forest floor—with compelling non-specificity. Each of her hand-made objects, whether of porcelain or stoneware, may also include handmade textiles. She carves the works’ intricate designs using a variety of household utensils and dental tools. A lengthy process of sanding, firings and hand-painting yields highly textural work encrusted with layers of markings and meanings. “When a collector picks up one of my pieces they see the detailed carving, feel the unique tactile quality of the surface and then also realize the piece makes sounds,” says Kelly, who has an MFA from the University of Michigan. “This is my way of acknowledging that the work was meant to be touched. It’s part of the experience.”