Our Mission

The Kolman & Pryor Gallery, named one of CityPages “Top 10 Galleries in the Twin Cities” in 2013, is a unique collaboration between Anita Sue Kolman, arts patron, and Patrick K. Pryor, artist and curator. The gallery not only holds exhibitions celebrating the evolving aesthetics of the artists it represents, with an eye toward placing those works in the homes and businesses of discerning collectors, Kolman & Pryor also mentors emerging artists whose work demonstrates prowess and promise. The gallery curates special exhibitions for established artists whose work augments that of the gallery’s artists. And Kolman & Pryor hosts and participates in open forums to advance artists’ professional development and the public’s understanding of the value of art and collecting.

Such programming creates essential connections between artists and collectors. As such, Kolman & Pryor has become an integral part of the Twin Cities’ visual arts community—its ecology and economy. Exhibiting contemporary work by Minnesota artists in diverse media, the gallery’s exhibitions range from painting, clay and paper to sculpture. Kolman & Pryor is a collectors’ gallery that works closely with its represented artists. It’s also a community resource that invites everyone to discover the most singular artistic voices working in Minnesota today.


Our Principals

Anita Sue Kolman

Anita is an enthusiastic arts patron with a keen eye for work that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. She’s carefully selected, mentored and represented artists since 2001. She also fosters deep understanding and connections between art collectors and our artists. Anita infuses every opening event with her distinctive flair, such as encouraging visitors to create their own mashed-potato dinner or build their own cupcake for dessert. Collectors and artists alike find that Anita’s warmth and authenticity enhance their appreciation of art.

Patrick K. Pryor

Patrick is the gallery’s curator and a Kolman & Pryor represented artist. His curatorial aesthetic combines a sophisticated understanding of both color and composition, which manifests in expertly curated exhibitions that complement the artworks. During events and opening nights, he also enhances gallery visiting and art viewing by staging unique visitor experiences. Patrick’s aesthetic is also of benefit to collectors, as he deftly matches a collector’s sensibility to the appropriate artworks, and ensures a perfect match by personally hanging new purchases in the client’s home.