About the Artist

Because she’s interested in metamorphosis, and the tipping point at which something recognizable nearly becomes something else, abstraction is Jil’s exploratory method for pushing shape and line in her work. “I am trying to get at an idea that the poet Coleridge expressed when writing about the difference between imagination and what he called a ‘fancy.’ Imagination is a real power we can exercise to try and make sense of our experience and what we value.” Jil often begins new works with sketches she’s done or photographs she’s taken, abstracting their imagery into sophisticated, highly intelligent compositions of sensation, line and form.

Since earning her MFA from Stanford University in the 1980s, Jil has actively taught, published and lectured on her ideas about abstract painting. Her works are found in corporate and museum collections around the United States, including those of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art and Flaten Art Museum.