About the Artist

Betsy paints to discover and imagine our intimate relationship with the environment in an abstract form. She began painting with oil when she was 20, after a childhood of drawing, writing, and profound and memory-laden experiences in the natural world. Her artworks draw from that history and include acrylic and oil on canvas and works on paper. “It’s important to recognize the present and our connection to landscape and the natural world, as we grow increasingly separate from it.”

Betsy earned a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies, with an emphasis in painting, from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design “because art classes challenged me more than anything else.” She infuses her teaching— currently as Associate Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter—with the same sense of discovery. Her creative process also incorporates non-traditional tools, including paint rollers, squeegees, rags, spatulas and palette knives. During a recent interview on Minnesota Public Radio, Betsy said of her work, “I’m preoccupied with our bodies—how they relate to or remember space—and how abstract painting can grapple with those things. The paintings are not an homage or a tribute, but serve more as a first step in drawing those memories out, and triggering similar memories in viewers.”