What is the Kolman & Pryor Gallery Project Space?

The Kolman & Pryor Gallery Project Space is a new initiative, launched in 2021, by gallery co-founders Anita Sue Kolman and Patrick Pryor to further support Minnesota visual artists. The program awards four grants per year of $10,000 each to four Minnesota visual artists who have met the submission requirements.

The goal of the grant program is to provide artists with the funds, space, and support they need to create an important project that will significantly impact their artistic careers. Additionally, the gallery’s aim is to support projects that will bring powerfully engaging and thought-provoking experiences to the gallery’s followers, visitors, and to the public. To accomplish this goal, the gallery is seeking submissions that describe the proposed project with a clear focus and explains in detail how the project would be carried out and implemented.

At the end of their grant period, the artists will show their finished projects to the public through an exhibition or other presentation at Kolman & Pryor Gallery.

Although most of exhibitions presented by Kolman & Pryor Gallery will showcase Project Space artwork, the gallery will host some special exhibitions not related to the Project Space grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are the grants?

    $10,000 per artist.
  • How long is the granting period?

    Twelve months.
  • Who is eligible?

    Any Minnesota artist at any stage in their career.
  • How many grants will be awarded each year?

    Four grants will be awarded each year.

  • What are the timelines?

    Grants are awarded once a year.

    Applications will be accepted from July 15 through September 15 of each year.

    Grantees will be notified on or about November 15 of each year.

    New grantees are announced in January of each year.

    Grantee exhibitions will be staggered throughout the year following the year the grant is awarded. For example, grantees awarded grants during 2022 will present their Project Space exhibitions doing 2023.

  • What are my responsibilities as a grantee?

    Grantees are expected to complete the project outlined in their proposal.

    Grantees are expected to interact with the public at the Kolman & Pryor Gallery during the grant period. Examples of ways grantees can meet and interact with the public include but are not limited to scheduled talks about their projects, demonstrations showing their creative process, meeting gallery visitors during Northrup King Building open studio hours on Saturday afternoons or during First Thursday evenings.

    Grantees are expected prepare a capstone exhibition of or other presentation about the work they have created and produced as a result of the grant. The exhibition or presentation is to be held at the Kolman & Pryor Gallery.

    Grantees are strongly encouraged to present their Project Space work in ways that draw in, engage, and have a significant impact on the viewer. We’re excited to not only advance Project Space artists’ careers and aesthetics, but also wish to provide our patrons, collectors, and visitors to a new gallery-going experience through the gallery’s Project Space initiative.

  • What are the gallery’s responsibilities to the grantees?

    Kolman & Pryor Gallery will provide a $10,000 grant to each grantee. Quarterly payments will be made during the grant period.

    Kolman & Pryor Gallery will provide gallery space so the grantee can interact with the public.

    Kolman & Pryor Gallery will provide gallery space to each grantee for her/his capstone exhibition or presentation.

  • Will I have to sign a contract?

    Kolman & Pryor Gallery will send a contract to each grantee before the granting period begins.


Are you a Minnesota artist?


Description of your project (350 words max)

What will you do during the project and why? Please have a clear focus for your project, and explains in detail how the project will  be carried out and implemented.

How will you diverge from, expand upon or advance your artistic work during the grant period?

Why is your project the next logical step in your artistic career?

How will your Project Space project be a transformative experience for you?

What’s kept you from doing this project until now?

Why do you need this grant?

Description of how you will interact with the public (250 words max)

Outline your plans for public interaction and outreach during the grant period. Please make sure to include a capstone exhibition or presentation at Kolman & Pryor Gallery in your plans.

Budget for 12 month grant period

How do you plan to use the grant money?

Timeline for 12 month grant period

Resume (2 pages max)

Work samples (5-10 samples)

Each work sample should be around 1-5 MB.

Images must be labeled using the following format: Image 1_Your First Name_Your Last Name. (e.g., Image 1_Anita_Kolman)

Include work samples that visually demonstrate work that relates to the work proposed for the grant period.

Work sample descriptions (200 words max).

Briefly describe how your work samples relate to the work proposed for the grant period. Consider your images to be a visual journey of where your work has been, where it is now and where you want it to go. Please use the image label when referring to a particular image.


Please complete the online application HERE.


If you have questions about the Kolman & Pryor Gallery Project Space grant program, please contact Anita Sue Kolman or Patrick Pryor.

Anita can be reached at 612-385-4239 or at anita@kolmanpryorgallery.com.

Patrick can be reached at 612-280-7812 or at patrick@kolmanpryorgallery.com.