About the Artist

Fresh from his exceptionally successful exhibition at Groveland Gallery, which represents his work, Tom is thrilled to show a selection of paintings at the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis. “As a frequent patron of the Hewing I have appreciated the identity they have established by resonating with our ‘North’ culture. This is something my work embodies and makes the hotel a great venue for these paintings.”

Tom describes his work as “realist fiction.” “My process is to internalize places that I encounter here in the North Midwest and attempt to depict that reality in oil paint, cold wax, and oil pastel, and as materials dry and set up, a reality is established on the 2 dimensional surface.”  

“My work is not nostalgic,” Tom continues. “It is a post-modern approach using materials to capture reality but without sentimentality or references to prior impressionist styles. In some ways, that’s what the Hewing is. The hotel references history but makes it new and relevant for today.”

With funding from a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, Tom was able to hire a plane to provide him with aerial views of rivers, country sides, flat landscapes, and horizons. Tom is looking forward to talking with viewers about that experience and about the work that came from it.

Tom has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and internationally, including in a recent exhibition at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway, as part of a Norwegian-American group show. His work is held in numerous corporate and private collections. He’s also had more than 50 exhibitions in galleries and museums.

All of Tom’s artwork that is being exhibited at the Hewing Hotel is courtesy of Groveland Gallery.