About the Artist

One day back in the 1950s, while trolling through the neighborhood dump for treasures, Stephen found a book on contemporary art. The teenager was hooked. He sought out old brushes and industrial paint, and began working on scraps of linoleum. Since then, in his five decades as a painter, Stephen has created both representational and abstract works. His paintings can be found in Hilton and Westin Hotels and Northwestern College. Stephen’s collectors live in Iceland, Japan, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. The former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, owns one of Stephen’s paintings.

Stephen’s abstractions are kinetic blurs, using what he calls “impasto with energy…. There has to be movement, almost to the point of violence at times,” he says. Blocks, oblongs and undefined forms of color clash and compress across his canvases, as lines, brushwork and smears cavort with compositional vitality.