About the Artist

Shawn is a contemporary painter from Minneapolis with a unique process that involves applying many thick layers of vibrant, colored acrylic paint and pumice to canvas. He works the canvas with his feet utilizing a “shoe palette knife” he invented. It is a large commercial grade joint knife duct taped to a shoe. This process started out as an experiment when he started a new piece on the floor while finishing another piece on his easel. He discovered that the loose forms he created with his shoes were more interesting than the detailed forms that he was creating with his hands.

Shawn enjoys the broad sweeping and jabbing motions of his legs while looking down on the canvas from above. His process includes applying thick layers of acrylic and pumice and scraping, reapplying, slicing off, smashing, scuffing, etc. Sometimes he adds collage components including paint skins and magazine pages in the first layer. The color fields interplay with each other, attempting to find common ground resulting in complex edges. The process continues until a solution is found, always applying and mixing paint directly on the canvas, scraping away layers to reveal the ghostly characters of the previous.

Shawn’s paintings can be found in many prestigious private and corporate collections. His collectors include President Bill Clinton, Peyton Manning, General Mills, Bellagio Hotel, Paramount Pictures, UBS Financial and U.S. Bank Stadium.