About the Artist

Kate Casanova: Kate engages the viewer as a sensing creature in a world of material. In each sculpture, the materials act on each other to co-create forms which mimic how living beings shape, and are shaped, by their environment. By combining recognizable man-materials (for example, zip ties, synthetic hair, chains), with forms that bulge, ooze, and drip (plaster, resin, silicone), the sculptures question the boundaries of the human and nonhuman.

Jil Evans: In her Heart Bright Dark Series,  Jil combines for the first time two of her common painting practices: translating features of classic paintings into contemporary abstract works with distinctly modern sensibilities, and abstractly painting flooded areas such as woods with water running through them. To begin this series, Jil visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art over many months and studied five painting by five different artists in the collection. She was particularly fascinated by the quality of light in each of the paintings and how it played on the color and images in each of the artworks paying particular attention to her own physical and emotional reactions to these aspects of the paintings. She developed the compositions for her Heart Bright Dark Series by combining her abstractions from the master paintings with her own images of flooded woodlands.

Patrick Pryor: Patrick’s painting process is an act of discovery using highly stylized intuitive mark making that draws upon influences from graphic illustration, action painting, and abstract expressionism. In his current series of paintings, The Gala Series, circular shapes, squares, gestures, trajectories, and petal-like whorls skitter across bright ivory backgrounds. Colorful shapes and gestures are piled upon each other in an organized chaos that engages the mind and gives great pleasure to the eye.

Jodi Reeb: For her circular paintings, Jodi uses brightly pigmented molten beeswax paint (encaustic) and metallic paint under paintings on acrylic panels to create works that are both paintings and sculptures. The disks are elevated at varying depths from the wall to create negative space and interesting shadows. Customers can purchase already existing installations or they can commission Jodi to create a custom installation for their space.

Cameron Zebrun: Cameron is inspired by the natural world. His curiosity to dive deep has led him into deserts, glacial basins, forests, mountains, river deltas, and other ecosystem. The fields of cartography, geography, and topography also play important roles in his work. The result is elegant sculptures created on very thin layers of wood on which Cameron paints and collages abstractions from his observations.