About the Artist

Julie is a teaching artist with a passion for both encaustic and oil with cold wax. These mediums best express the light, spaciousness, and mystery that she is after in her abstract paintings. Contemplation, calculation, and exploration are recurring and inevitable themes in her artwork. When working with encaustic, Julie is captivated by the process of concealing and revealing layers as she explores her experience in the present. A hallmark of Julie’s work is her luscious translucent surfaces.

Julie is a self-taught abstract painter and teacher. With a degree in education, Julie taught professionally in the classroom and was a corporate training administrator in Dallas, Texas, before following her passion for art and painting. She is a Core Teaching Artist for R&F Handmade Paints. Julie has taught at the International Encaustic Conference held annually in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and she continues to teach workshops in her studio and across the country. Julie’s work appears in numerous galleries and in private collections throughout the United States.