About the Artist

Jack is an abstract expressionist oil painter. Fluid and textural, with forms that recede behind swaths of color or push to the front of the work, Jack’s paintings are in selected corporate collections in Minnesota and North Carolina.

Jack became an artist only after an injury ended a storied sports career—1968 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and three years as a professional hockey player. According to Jack, there is a connection between hockey and abstract art. It’s “the idea of ‘calmness within chaos.’ As a hockey player, I wanted to get to this psychological state as soon as possible during a game, in order to stop worrying about everything and everyone else. I,in effect, removed myself from these distractions. Then I was able to play in a completely spontaneous and reactive way. All my talents were manifested.” Similarly, Jack experiences chaos while painting. He is surrounded by paint, brush strokes, scrapings and layers in an ever changing environment. “I have learned to exist calmly within this chaos so I can interact with the painting along a path to completion.”