About the Artist

Jodi’s original works and commissions are in the collections of law firms, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, hotels, and other diverse corporate and private clients. In her paintings, Jodi uses common materials in the layers of encaustic (molten beeswax) paint to create beautiful, rich surfaces that explore the opacity and translucency of each painting. “By focusing on the surface, I’ve come to understand more about the dynamics of painting with molten beeswax and acrylic paint,” she says. “My most recent paintings focus on the singular beauty of the surface. I am also intrigued with how light accentuates the height and depth of the surface, creating light and shadow on and between the layers.” In addition to beeswax, Jodi uses iron oxide, acrylic paint, bronze and copper pigments; graphite and shellac which she sets on fire to get controlled yet spontaneous surface effects.

Recently, Jodi has ventured into the realm of sculpture. She describes her new work as “seed shapes that oscillate between drawing and sculpture. I am soldering abstracted pods that are three-dimensional drawings.” Through her sculpture-making process, Jodi adds, she’s “discovering rhythms and patterns that are nature-based as well as abstract.”

A graduate of the Minnesota College of Art and Design, Jodi teaches encaustic painting, and actively exhibits throughout Minnesota and the U.S.