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Sensitive Indicators: New Work by Betsy Ruth Byers

Good News!

Sensitive Indicators has been extended through Saturday, April 29!

Betsy Ruth Byers introduces new paintings that are influenced by how glacial landscapes are radically changing due to global warming. Byers insists her work is not about climate change, however. "What’s reflected in the work, instead, is my interest in the slow movement of landscapes over time. The work is underpainted with my thinking about philosophy and ecology, and about how our sensory experiences create our reality.”


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New Hewing Hotel Exhibit Begins on May 5!

We are bringing summer to the Hewing Hotel with Jil Evans’ colorful paintings and Cameron Zebrun’s water inspired wall sculptures. Make plans to see the exhibit and stay and enjoy the lively scene at the Hewing Hotel at 300 Washington Avenue North in downtown Minneapolis. This show will run through July 31.

Jodi Reeb’s Artwork Is at the Hewing Hotel Through April 30!

See Jodi Reeb’s show at the Hewing Hotel before it closes on April 30. The exhibit showcases a variety of Jodi’s paintings and sculptures and is part of the collaboration between Kolman & Pryor Gallery and the Hewing Hotel. The hotel is located at 300 North Washington Avenue in Minneapolis.